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Monday, November 3, 2014


Hello, lovely people of the internet.

Doris is a webseries about a girl living in an apartment, on a city, on a planet. She tells us about her daily life and all the quirks and oddities that make her the person she is- a person you'll want to watch until your stomach hurts from laughing. Maybe she'll weird you out; maybe she'll speak aloud some secret suspicion you've always harboured: no matter which way you cut it, she will make you think, question, and feel. And I believe that's what the arts are all about: bringing people together, giving them a little slice of something, and affecting the way in which they see the world.

Doris has been getting a bit of attention from some industry big-shots, so I thought it might be time to up the webseries game a bit by pitching to the host platform Web Series Today. Their agreement to host Doris coincided beautifully with the Doris Kickstarter Kickoff. Meaning... you can all get in on the artistic process by visiting the Doris Kickstarter!


Help me help others find a bit of joy and a bit of weird in their daily day to day. Become a part of the movement for independent art, and the fight to keep art raw, honest, and shared for reasons of love and life's exploration rather than for the purpose of generating money and fame. You can be part of the Doris journey. You can be a page in the book of making art get out there!

Thanks, all.

-Breton Lalama!


  1. Good luck.

    The best way to get noticed is by interacting with the content posted by others. That way we all build out the community together.


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