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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome to new Web Series Today blog "authors"!

We recently added a new batch of "authors' to Web Series Today.


An "author" is a community member who has requested and been granted permission to post here in the blog. If you applied to become an author you should have received two e-mails: one from [email protected] and one from the Blogger platform.

The e-mail from Web Series Today contains some general guidelines that you should read very carefully before posting anything. The e-mail from Blogger should have a link that will allow you to become an "author". If you did not receive either of these e-mails be sure to check your junk mail/spam folders. If you applied an did not receive an invite you should re-apply as soon as possible and you will quickly be added to the list. If you have never applied, but would like to become an "author" on Web Series Today then follow the link that is always present on the right hand menu of the blog.

Before you begin to post you should understand the mission of Web Series Today: to keep the Web series community up to date with what is going on  in the World of Web series. This might include a series you participate in at some level, but it certainly is not restricted to that. In fact the key to Web Series Today is that we are a community, and to the extent you interact with other community members all the better. It does not matter if you are the creator of a Web series, a cast member, production crew, or someone who enjoys watching Web series, we want you all to actively participate in the community.

When it comes to what you can post it can be anything related to the World of Web series: a narrative Web series, a Web show, a community video, Web news, or anything that is likely to impact on the community. We want a diverse array of topics and current content and news related to Web series and we ask all "authors" and commenters to participate in this process.

While the Web Series Today blog is at the core of the Web Series Today "environment" we realize that some of you prefer to "live" in specific silos on the Web: e.g. FaceBook, Google+, Reddit etc. To that end you will find links on the right of the Web Series Today blog that help you navigate to those specific areas of the Web Series Today environment. Take your time and explore them all. Introduce your self to each of those communities and get to know the members by interacting with content they post.

You may think that your own content is all you need to promote but nothing could be further from the truth. Few shows have survived beyond one season with that attitude. The key to longevity, and to a large degree success, is to interact frequently and extensively with other community members. By building a strong community you not only help your self, you help the entire space grow and thrive in a way that benefits us all. And remember that community members are not just other people who produce or work on Web series. Many people simply like to watch Web series and our goal should be to engage them in an active dialogue about the type of content they want and enjoy, and how they want to interact with it. It is that extended community and conversation that we aim to address here on Web Series Today and your participation in that process is vital to its success.


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