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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Naked Truth on BOOTH BABES


  1. There are 2 types of BOOTH BABES...
    Those that are HOT who have a brain and do the WORK and those that are HOT (usually in a weird way, not necessarily a good way) who make us (the first type do all the work). It's better to be the first IMHO.
    Regarding your chat, Trisha, with the Internet, all BABES should have a 6 sentence idea of what the company does and who the head person is in the booth, at the show. Imagine they are the ones signing your check. Know who they are.
    And BABES, make friends with the females from the company you are working with. They are an asset, like you and not the enemy.
    To keep track of your clients, your expenses and your income, do check out one of my ventures. It's designed for this and great for those of you who want repeat bookings as well as those of you who are doing BABE WORK so you can Act, Perform, etc. http://www.PerformerTrack.com is the website.
    Love this!
    I rarely do BOOTH BABE work now. The base must be high if I so. I do though now hire BOOTH BABES for my company and they are of course the 1st type.

  2. Honestly, feminists really need to get over themselves when it comes to stuff like this. It comes off as sour grapes because they aren't pretty enough to garner attention for their BS "Lisa Lionheart" type booths.


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