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Friday, January 23, 2015

The Launderette | Episode One | The Interview

The Launderette | Episode One | The Interview

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The Launderette is a Web Series Sitcom revolves around Alex and Sam. Two twenty something’s who work at a desolate underused Launderette. Alex is the bored and underwhelmed owner who along with his fun-loving assistant Sam must battle the weird and wonderful customers along with dealing with their own surreal lives.


Alex | Owner

Alex loaves his job, and is only doing it because the Launderette was handed down to him by his Grandfather. He often sarcastically amuses his customers by nodding his head to most of their stories, unbeknownst to them he doesn’t really care. Maybe he just wants to pack it all in and go travelling.

Sam | Assistant

Sam is Alex’s assistant and gets on much better with all the customers and unlike Alex views life with a lot of optimism and wishful thinking. She gets a job at the Launderette as an assistant but does she want more from life too?

Matt | Geography Student

Matt is Student who lives locally and studies Geography. He has an unusual dress sense in that he wears the same outfit everyday and insists on repeatedly washing it at where else but Alex’s Launderette. He is useless with the ladies and even goes as far as to invent relationships.

Helen | Mother

Helen is a ‘Mother’ of one. She is far from unflappable and is often seen in the Launderette with her ‘child’ having had some sort of mishap with her. Alex goes along with everything he says partly to amuse her, after all she’s one of the few customers he has there.

Episode Guide

The Launderette | Episode One

Alex has just been given the responsibility of running the families Launderette. Although not particularly rushed off his feet he would rather hire and assistant to take on all the tasks, whilst getting a chance to meet some of the regulars.

The Launderette | Episode Two

The idea for the second episode will revolve around the idea of Alex having his birthday party. Sam spending the whole day trying to hold celebrations for it, along with Matt and Helen. But as we know it will not all go according to plan.


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