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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Totally Trented 2 - The New Class - Hidden camera spoof

Totally Trented 2 - The New Class - Hidden camera spoof

Turtle Canyon Comedy developed and produced a spoof hidden camera prank show with comedian David Trent. We then gathered an excellent cast of comedians and made a successful first series. Now we're back, with a second series that takes it another step further: more pranks, more comedians, more hilarity.
totally trented 2
In 2014 the world was subjected to the first series of Totally Trented, a hidden camera prank show by comedian David Trent (Edinburgh Newcomer Nominee 2012) and starring Nick Helm (Breakthrough Act, British Comedy Awards), John Kearns (Edinburgh Newcomer 2013 and Main Award 2014 Winner) and Evelyn Mok (One To Watch Tändstickan 2012).
Totally Trented Series 1
The second series aims to take the format to never before seen heights, by throwing more money at the problem and trying desperately to replace the now irrelevant (in comedy terms) David Trent. So Turtle Canyon Comedy lined up acts with more buzz and more fans to come in and finally get the show an audience it hasn't deserved. In stepped Joel Dommett (Impractical Jokers) to host the show and Sam Simmons (Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee 2014), Evelyn Mok and the Toby Sisters, Sarah & Lizzie Daykin (Live At The Electric, Chickens, Cockroaches) to lead the pranks - sidelining Trent in his own show. With five episodes of the series scheduled for release over the next few months and a high-octane opening episode, Totally Trented 2 promises to finally blow the minds of comedy fans everywhere.

Turtle Canyon Comedy is an independent comedy production company creating great comedy, with exciting talent and across all formats:


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