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Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Went Out Looking For an Audience For Our Web Series; We Made Friends Instead!

Searching for an audience for a web series takes a lot of time, work, and patience; until you realize it's not a search, it's a conversation...that you have with real live human-beings. From the list of time, work and patience you only really need one and that's TIME. It's rarely considered work to have a conversation with another human-being and you only need patience if you are watching the view count on your YouTube channel! Stop watching the view count and have a conversation with people instead, and get this, some of them will watch your story! You don't have to move the masses, you just have to move one person. A YouTube audience is an audience of one...a LOT of audiences of one. A STORY ISN'T FOR EVERYONE, BUT A STORY IS ALWAYS FOR SOMEONE. Get to know our story and you'll get to know us. Tweet- The Series has a conversation.


  1. Marc, It was my pleasure to have you on my Semi-impromptu Interview segment on my YouTube channel!!!!!

  2. Web series "creators" often forget that the dynamic of the Web is radically different from TV. Those who appreciate this factor this into the "design" of their series and leverage the new potential the Web allows them. Some may survive with a "TV approach" but clearly most don't. Those that put community first tend to "get it" as can be seen by the success of YouTubers who literally live for their community. Building "bridges" between the community and the series is one of the key factors often missed in the design of Web series. Why?


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