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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to new Web Series Today blog "authors": 2015

To start out 2015 right we have added a few new blog authors to Web Series Today.


The first thing we want to do is emphasize the mission of Web Series Today: "To keep the Web series community up to date with what is going on in the World of Web series". While some "authors" sign up because they play a role in, or are a fan of, a particular Web series we remind you that this is only part of our mission, and we hope you all will participate in bringing the full mission to fruition in 2015.

In addition to video content readers might enjoy, it would be good to see critical reviews, discussions of topics that affect the space, news from relevant conferences and conventions etc etc. The degree to which the "authors" of Web Series Today (which is you the community) can bring this information to Web Series Today the better we will fulfill our mission.  And of course the more our readers comment the more we will be able to assess how well we are doing our job.

If you feel you want to support the mission of Web Series Today by becoming a blog "author" just follow the instructions in this link: http://www.webseriestoday.com/2010/11/web-series-today-become-author.html It is also conveniently positioned on the right hand menu of the blog so if you don't have time today, you can come back and use the link at any time. If you have previously submitted a request to become a blog "author" but did not receive an invite we suggest you first check your spam/junk mail folder. If there is nothing there then we encourage you to submit a new request as soon as possible by following the instructions in the link.

Finally we note that new authors often make the same mistake as previous authors. To avoid the extra work this creates we emphasize that new author should read this link BEFORE they make their first post: http://www.webseriestoday.com/2014/06/welcome-to-new-web-series-today-blog.html. The link is currently prominently displayed at the top of the blog so you can find it easily when you come back to make your first post, so please read it very CAREFULLY.

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  1. Please make sure you read this, and once you do, please leave a comment to let us know you did!


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