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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Episode 8 - L.A Nites

L.A. Nites

The Point of No Return

After learning everything thing that we have about our main characters, the forces that oppose them and who they're allied with, there's nothing to do but see how it plays out next. This is my favorite part of the device. At this point, every choice is made and it's up to the authors to see why.  While I mentioned that the end of episode 7 falls a little flat, the opening shots of this episode totally make up for it.

Aaren & Leighann don't like explosions
All the explosions!

This was a fun effect. It was flour being flung across a light. Simple, right? It's really the acting from Roz and Erik that sells this moment. Also a shout out to Erik's editing with the sound which heightens a silly moment in reality where I throw flour out of Roz's window while she and Erik crouched outside.

Erik Peterson and Rozlyn Stanley, L.A. Nites
Can you tell what my favorite moment of this episode was?

We did make one editorial choice in this episode that we had avoided otherwise. It's subtle to any one that doesn't know L.A. I, myself, would not have noticed if I didn't live out here. The decision I'm talking about is the clip below where Leighann tries to find her way around the city.

Near North Burman

This revelation means that the larger world of L.A. Nites is not set in the world as we know it. I think this helps people in a lot of ways to know this. I wish that it was something we had mentioned earlier on in the development of the series but am glad that we got it in here so fans of the show get a chance to get cued in to what's been going on. This place is near reality but not in our reality.

Leighann and Aaren
I can't believe it took 2 hours to drive 7 miles!

Driving is apparently a constant in every version of L.A. We also make the country mouse, mouse joke with Jewel's character. Unfortunately her tattoo, doesn't show really well in anyone of these shots. Unfortunate because this is the reason for this scene. Oversight to be sure which doesn't take away from the general prettiness of the project.

Trouble in the alley
Sisters always fight

Here's what it looks like for any of you hipsters out there who want to get it before it's cool.

Hipster tat on Carolyn Vasko
Jewel's tattoo

In so many ways, Jewel was brought back on the show so that Emmett could give her back the red hoodie he took in episode 5. You can see that it becomes part of his costume in the beginning of episode 7 and at the end of part 2. It also made some sense, Emmett must have known Jewel through Howie.

Aaren, Jewel a Leighann plot and scheme
Meet up at Jewel's house

Those bunnies do, in fact, belong to my wife and I. When Sarah found out that Lawrence wanted to film on the back porch, that was her only proviso. It was a good call. Brings up the cuteness factor - regardless of your gender preference.  Now that everyone was together we just had to bring Emmett back in episode 9.


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