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Monday, February 9, 2015

Episode 9 - L.A Nites

L.A. Nites

The Revelation

This episode is supposed to tell it all and start moving toward the conclusion. Whether or not it does is up for debate. The story remains pretty open-ended even up to episode 13 (to be released 2.12.15) but is also supposed to have some sort of closure as for as the Howie storyline. The reason this is lacking from the show in general is the lack of specifics. As we wrote the show, Lawrence resisted the urge to define things too much saying, "[L.A Nites] is supposed to give the audience the feeling of confusion."

Lawrence Le, L.A. Nites
Confusion is a feeling

As the guy playing Emmett as well as one of the writers it was fun to see how much I could get him beat-up by the end of the show. After the explosion we find out that Emmett lost his eye and he finds his way to Jewel's.

Emmett and Jewel L.A. Nites
Emmett never leaves

This episode is also great because we got to throw in some sexy times. Granted, it's PG and turns quickly back into whatever weird witchy shit that Leighann does with Aaren but, yay for sexy times, right? Rozlyn was a champ about it. I mean, we shot at Lawrence's house with Erik. Closed set but that's still three guys and then they're like, "hey do you mind taking off your clothes so we can film you."  

Leighann works her witchy magic
You don't have to force me, you know.

Shooting film is weird because you do it in real places, not sets. The scene between Aaren and Leighann takes place on the bed that Lawrence shares with his girlfriend. So there can be a weird crossover between reality and the world of make believe. Walking onset is a little like entering the Phantom Tollboth.

Crossing through the Phantom Tollboth.
Crossing the line between fantasy and reality

Again, a big reason that Jewel is in this episode and that she is a witch is because I had stolen her hoodie from a previous shoot. We need to bring those characters back together so that he could lose the hoodie which began the stripping down of his character.

Aaren knows that they can use Emmett
Jewel, Leighann, Aaren and Emmett finally come together

Throughout the series, I had been building up Emmett's costume as he tried to disguise the things that he knew about Howie and the drops. But this is the turning point for him and since he's a psychic he know's that Aaren is closing in on him. He's a dropped out freak, so jumping is the most rational choice for him. Watch the video for full effect. The crunch is sickening.

Seriously, though the crunch is sickening
Emmett loves his drops

One of the specifics that is not really defined in this series is that fact that Emmett is also psychic. He also believe that his visions are fated to come true. Therefore, even if he foresees a negative outcome for himself, he still feels that he must do it. This is why he says to Jewel that you can't change your own destiny. Emmett knows that he was going to jump off this balcony, even if it means breaking his leg as seen in episode 11.

Emmett from L.A. Nites
He had no choice


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