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Friday, February 27, 2015


This weekend is the final one of our crowdfunding campaign for Music of the Spheres.  And to kick it off we were chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick - which signaled to us that we must be doing something right with our proposed interactive sci-fi storytelling model.

However, we only have until 10pm on Sunday to secure funding or we get nothing at all (as this is the Kickstarter model).  As of this post we have only secured 24% of our budget ($6,107 of $24,772) for seasons 1 and 2 of our web series.

We are definitely down, but not out.

The most action in a Kickstarter campaigns traditionally happens at the very beginning and in the last 48 hours.  We are ready for an action-packed final two days of crowdfunding.

On Saturday and Sunday from 12 - 4pm PST we will be holding a Twitter Rally.  That means we will be talking about the series, the players, and why the project is important to us in 140 characters or less on Twitter using our series handle - @Music_Spheres.  We will be tagging things with the hashtag #SaveAngela

We are reaching out to the wider web series community and asking you to join our rally by re-tweeting info about our series that you think is interesting.  Our goal during our rally to reach as broad an audience as possible and hopefully increase the crowd backing our crowdfunding campaign to a successful finish.

We know we can do it, but we need help to get it done.  Please consider spending some time with us on Twitter this weekend and help to spread the word about how awesome and unique and exciting and other adjectives it will be to see our interactive sci-fi web series come to fruition.

Thank you.


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