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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Proper Manors Lead 4th Annual Filmed in Utah Nominations


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 14, 2015

David Jannone
Shilo Public Relations

Proper Manors Lead 4th Annual Filmed in Utah Nominations

Salt Lake City, UT - February 14, 2014 - The Pietro D’Alessio Created Online Soap Opera “Proper Manors,” earlier this week picked up by Proven Entertainment for international distribution, led the nominations for this year’s Filmed in Utah Awards, which will be held 3/21/15 at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo, UT, with a total of 13 nominations for the show, bringing the series total nominations to 37 for the last three years.

The nominations included repeat recognition for Tamera Ward’s Production Design, Michelle Laino’s Makeup as well as double nominations for High School Junior Michael J. Wood, as Best Actor Under 18, as well as Composer of the original song, “Last Christmas.” Joining Wood with double nominations were Executive Producer/Head Writer Brandyn Cross, who, as a Producer, was nominated for Best Series, as well as earning a Best Song nomination for “Love Again.” Max Weiss, Special Effects Makeup Artist, received double nominations for his contribution as a Makeup artist. Ward joined Cross as a Producer on the Series level with a nomination, bringing her total nominations this year to two, while three of the show’s Set Photographers, Andrew Jackson, Janis Race-Bigelow and Michelle Christensen, all also Executive Producers on the show, will face off in the Set Photographer category, as well as for Best Series.

Director Anne K. Black’s “Mythica: A Quest for Heroes” and Director John Lyde’s “The Christmas Dragon” also earned nominations in the double digits, with 12 each for their feature films.  Rounding out the top four most nominated projects is “The Principal,” a series from Director Samson Madsen with eight nominations, also including a nod as Best Series.

Rob Diamond’s “Wayward: The Prodigal Son” received seven nominations, while his other feature contribution this year “The Last Straw” received six nominations. Rounding out the five most nominated features is Director Lyde’s feature “Survivor.” Diamond and Lyde share a total of 30 nominations for their combined feature projects.

Joining “Proper Manors” and “The Principal” as the most nominated series are Cal Nguyen’s “Day Zero,” Skyler Ostler’s “The Socialist,” with five nominations each, and Kaleidoscope Picture’s “The Song That Changed My Life,” rounding out the top five.

Student filmmaker Austin Wilson’s short, “47 Minutes” led with seven nominations in the very competitive short film categories, which includes competition on the professional, college and high school levels. Ben Lanoha’s “Easy Greasy” received six nominations in a tie with Connie Wilkerson’s “The Family Bible.” Other short films with several nominations include “Days of Z,”  “Little Scar,” “Night Blind: Beneath the Alien Plains,” “Sara’s Crossing,” “Things I Take With Me,” and “Without A Rope.”

“Crazy Beautiful Thing” led the documentary category with two nominations, joined by “America’s First All Women Town Council,” “Champions of the West,” “Raising Fluffy,” “Stone” and “The Artist Outreach” for Best Documentary.

Jeff Parkin’s Music Video “BYU Vocal Point Newsies Cover” and  Micah W. Merrill’s “Transformation” led the music video nominations, with three each. Other contenders for Best Music Video include “In the Mood,” “L.I.B. Medicine feat. Honey,” “Not Looking For Love,” and “”Tell Me What You Mean.”

In addition to “The Christmas Dragon,” “The Last Straw” and “Mythica: A Quest for Heroes,” “Inspired Guns,” “Point B” and “Roborex” rounded out the films nominated for Best Feature.

In addition to “Proper Manors,”  and “The Principal,” other series nominated for Best Series include “Day Zero,” “Green Gables Fables,” “The Socialist,” and  “The Song That Changed My Life.”

Other professional short films joining the previously mentioned “Sara’s Crossing” for Best Pro Short Film include “Balius,” “Broken Country,” “Mochila: A Pony Express Adventure,” “No Ordinary Shepherd” and “The Wild Misadventures of Jesse James and Billy the Kid.”

“47 Minutes,” which dominated the college short film category, joins “Without A Rope,” nominated for three awards, as well as “40 Minutes”, “Beyond the Shadows,” “Letters,” and “The Paranoid Project” in the Best College Short Film Category

In the High School Category, nominees for Best Short include: “Burrito Project: SLC, “ “Chasing Death, “Cream Puff, “Going Mad,” and “Return With Honor.”

Over 90 projects received nominations this year in 37 categories which were reviewed by 50 judges, many from outside the state of Utah.

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