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Friday, February 20, 2015

Tony Doupe Joins the Cast of Music of the Spheres

Prolific Seattle-based actor Tony Doupe has joined the cast of the sci-fi web series Music of the Spheres.  In the past two years alone Doupe has acted in 19 different films, television, and web series including Eden with Beau Bridges, Laggies With Kiera Knightly, and Safety Not Guaranteed with Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza.  Doupe can currently be seen in theaters acting opposite Reese Witherspoon in the Oscar-nominated film Wild.

Doupe will be playing Dan, a desperate father with a death wish who is stuck in a time loop that is causing his mind to deteriorate.

The cast of Music of the Spheres already includes a bevy of Washington talent including actors who’ve been on nationally-televised shows like Syfy’s “Z Nation” and NBC’s “Grimm.”  Rosalie Miller is attached to play the main character, Angela.  The primary cast also includes Wonder Russell (Elizabeth/Betty), Lowell Deo (Scott), Jennifer True (Petra), and Jodie Harwood (Pam).

The actors are excited an intrigued by the possibilities crowd sourcing the material could take.  Jodie Harwood (Pam) stated that she: “…can’t wait to see where the audience takes them!”

To become a part of the creative community behind “Music of the Spheres” help crowdfund the series between now and 10pm on March 1at www.WheresAngela.com/Kickstarter


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