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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Stepping Back to Step Forward

It has been a wild few months for us at Shotgun Mythos. After releasing two seasons of webisodes, the series started getting interest from television stations. Starting out with just a handful of stations, we continued to grow until the series was airing on television in over 10 million households across the country. We had written Season 3, and were planning to begin filming it this spring, when a couple of conversations made us change course. During the course of pounding the pavement, promoting and marketing, we heard the same thing...people were impressed by the difference in our production values between Season 1 and 2, but Season One was not where it needed to be to reach a larger audience.

 This was no surprise to us. We are not egotistical enough to ignore the obvious flaws in the show...audio issues, effects that needed to be better, etc...we saw them all and could only say that we did the best with what we had. And when we started out, we knew there would be flaws, but we also knew that if we waiting for everything to be right, we would never do it. So we jumped in, did Season One, found someone who believed in the series, and enabled us to upgrade all of our equipment and software between Season One and Season 2. So, we were faced with a choice...proceed as planned with Season 3, knowing that we had probably reached our peak, or bite the bullet, go back to the beginning and start all over again. After lots of discussions and conversations with our cast, we decided that it was time to start over. Clint tightened the scripts, eliminated some story lines that just cluttered things up, and expanded other story arcs that he wanted to develop. We had to recast folks who had dropped out during the course of production...while we had killed off the characters in the first go-round, that wasn't the plan, and this was our opportunity to tell the story we wanted to tell.

 So here we are, about to enter the third week of filming the reboot. It is a massive undertaking, but we think it is the right decision. And the feedback we are getting seems to support us. Already we are having discussions with an international distributor, as well as discussion for possible syndication on over 100 stations across the country. It seems to be appreciated that we recognize the problems and are willing to do what it takes to fix them. Moral of the story...take the leap...tell your story...and be honest with yourself. People will appreciate your willingness to admit your flaws, and may even give you another chance which could let you live your dream.


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