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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Angry Man Series - New Australian Web Series

Have you ever fumed at a bad parker? Raged about a café that’s cash only? Or been infuriated by a mate who won't put down their phone at dinner? Then The Angry Man Series is a show for you.

Shot entirely in Perth over two days, the comedy web series stars stand up comedians Ben Sutton (AshBecLee, Henry and Aaron) and Sian Choyce (RAW State Finalist 2014).

The series was written and directed by Aaron Moss who was a recent top 10 finalist in the ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship in LA for his first feature screenplay Holly and Tyler.

"Our main character Andy represents all those moments in life you've ever wanted to speak up or get angry about. Andy is that voice inside us that calls it how he sees it." said Aaron.

Emerging local producers Meg McPherson and Maya Kavanagh produced after years of working together in the local film industry on major productions.

"We wanted to create a series similar to our favourite comedies - Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development - and make it as accessible as possible to an online audience" said Meg McPherson.

The project was self-funded and relied on the generosity of cast and crew to produce the show over the 2-day shoot.

"Being a small-budget production, we don’t have thousands of dollars in Facebook advertising to get the series out there. We are experimenting with other tactics to gain a large following,” said Maya Kavanagh.

Recent reviews of the show by local media have labelled it "a hoot", "quirky and engaging", and "well-made with solid production values".

All 6 episodes of The Angry Man Series are now available their website, Facebook page, or YouTube Channel.

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