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Friday, March 6, 2015

Versions of Elloise | Webseries coming soon

Ok Webseries World now is the time! Help us get Video Views to get Funded though the IPF

Inspired by the acclaimed Internet short, produced in association with Legendary Pictures and Guillermo del Toro, VERSIONS OF ELLOISE will be a 6 part dramatic series exploring the question - if more than one version of me existed, which version of me is real?

Click to see the full short!


  1. I'd love to hear the explanation as to why LA based creators are now eligible for IPF funds.

  2. Jimmy Hollywood LA based productions working with @dotstudioPRO Vancouver based company is the answer! New tech platform made by content creators for content creators.

  3. The IPF has specifically stated that the project cannot be produced by a US creator or production house. This video was written and directed by American and LA resident Tony Vanzuella and produced by Blackbox TV and Legendary. Both American companies, the later being a massive Hollywood studio. This is NOT eligible and to try to claim it as such is insulting to any Canadian indie creator.

    You can try to split hairs all you want but this is complete BS and will be a massive travesty if it gets IPF funding. (And knowing the IPF's history of breaking and bending their own rules to play favorites, I am willing to guarantee that you are going to get your money and that is an insult to the rest of Canada's creators.)

  4. From the IPF's guidelines:

    Definition of an Independent Canadian Producer
    For purposes of this Fund, an independent Canadian Producer is defined as:
    1. a Canadian-controlled corporation as defined in the tax credit regulations of the Income Tax
    Act; and
    2. not a holder of a CRTC television broadcasting licence or an "affiliate" of such a broadcaster
    as defined in the Canada Business Corporations Act.

    BlackboxTV and Legendary are NOT eligible under these guidelines and this project therefore must be disqualified.

    1. Jimmy I just responded to the thread not sure if you can see it. The project is being produced with dotstudioPRO a Vancouver based company. We are well aware of the guidelines and have taken every measure to ensure we as a Canadian company are follow the ipf guidelines. We love your 100% Canadian heart and want to see more amazing content come out of Canada!!!

    2. Also Legendary is not involved. The series is inspired by the short, but is being produced in Canada.

    3. Sorry, not buying it. EVERYTHING you have put forward is US based and it's an insult to every Canadian creator in the space when the IPF bends their rules YET AGAIN for someone who is partnering with Blackbox. This will be even worse than when the March Sisters were Pemberly's "in" to get money they weren't eligible for.

    4. I did notice the BlackBoxTV connection. We know of BlackBox and Tony via many posts on this Web site and that is definitely based in LA. So what exactly is the BlackBoxTV connection and in what way might that affect IPF eligibility?


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