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Friday, March 6, 2015

VlogBrothers: WE WON! Net Neutrality and Re-Thinking Cynicism

Winning in politics is often bizarre, drawn out, incremental, and ultimately a surprise. As such, winning often doesn't feel that good. But I think it's very important to take a bit of time when it happens to enjoy it.

And also to recognize that the win would not have happened without the people who worked hard to lobby and bug their congresspeople and force a decision down the throat of a bunch of unhappy corporations. So thank you so much to everyone who campaigned to keep the internet neutral.


  1. We won? How can you be so sure? Is it really a win to hand over massive power to the Federal government. Today they say they will not exert most of the power we handed over, but what about tomorrow. They now have the power to exert massive control, and that is important to understand.......even if they do not do it tomorrow. Also, most people have not read the details. Should we not wait for that before declaring victory? Finally a lot of "experts" seem to think that this will lead directly to "metered usage" of the internet. After all, they are now treating the internet as a "utility" and name one utility that is not sold on a metered basis.

    So we won? Perhaps. But perhaps not. The devil is often in the details and simplistic terms like "net neutrality" hide how the internet really works. So we won? Time will tell!

  2. Hank is gloating because he just won the power to keep new entrepreneurs down. Nobody will ever be allowed to attain the power he has unless it's with his permission. Screw him and his minions.

  3. It is very dangerous to assume "we won" at this point. The battle to keep the internet open has just begun. It is far from over. We are now in the internet equivalent of "thin ice" and it is hard to say where this will end.


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