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Thursday, April 2, 2015

ACTING DEAD EP1 "Career Suicide"


  1. Season 1 in its entirety can be seen at http://www.jts.tv/ !

    1. Thanks.

      However it is hard to see how "pay walls" benefit the space. For the most part they just make shows more difficult to see, which means they don't get seen. I certainly understand the argument behind jts.tv, I just do not think it is valid. There is a mass of great content available for free (example iZombie on the CW) so you have to compare the jts.tv offering with what is available else where.

      I am glad that this show has at least made one episode freely available. I probably would have taken the time to post the additional episodes if they were available, but they are buried behind a pay wall so I just move onto the next series that IS freely available.

      For the most part this is how most people think on the Web today, unless you are thinking in terms of offerings such as Netflix or HBO GO. So in the end one has to ask of Jts.tv actually benefits the space more than the harm it lead to: i.e. shows not developing the type of large audience that can sustain them in the long run.


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