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Friday, April 24, 2015

Episode 10 - L.A. Nites

L.A. Nites

Wrap Ups and Conclusions

Things don't always make sense. If this is your the first time that, I take responsibility for being the bearer of this bad news but it's true. The Universe is a much bigger organism than our brains can ever possibly conceive of in its entirety so, from our limited perspective, things don't always make sense.

Repair Passos's
Sometimes it's just better not to question...

This is why the audience comes to storytelling as entertainment. All day our brains are making up stories about cause and effect to in order to understand the unending series of events that is passing us by. Each individual brain believes that if it can just figure out all the reasons for things than it can be safe. Human beings tells stories to each other in order to learn from the collective experience, making us all better people.

Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys on L.A. Nites
It gets a little confusing as to who is who

If you were going to tell you friends what L.A. Nites is about you would have to say that it is about the death of a woman due to her involvement with the drug world. However, as you scratch the surface of that story you begin to see that it goes much deeper than a junkie overdosing - it reveals the confused nature of drugs in America.  What makes a pharmaceutical rep a good drug dealers but a weed dealer a bad drug dealer?

So few people
Do any of these guys look like bad guys to you?


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