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Monday, April 27, 2015

These 5 Outstanding Web Series Deserve To Be On TV

HBO, the giant entertainment network has announced to air six new episodes of the popular web series ‘High Maintenance.’

High Maintenance is a dark comedy series created my married couple Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair. The show follows Sinclair, an anonymous marijuana deliveryman, also known as “the guy,” around New York City and his encounters with the cast of absurd but instantly recognizable clients.

It’s said that the first nineteen episodes of the show were created on a tiny budget and this acquisition, with better resources means better story and more production value in the future. We’re so excited about High Maintenance making it to the small screen. However, one cannot help but pitch in their share of other favorite and equally fabulous web series that definitely deserve to be on TV.

The Necki Minej Show

The Necki Minej Show might not be a typical entertainment series and is not meant to cater everyone. A mile-a-minute cartoon with teenage sense of humor poking jokes for pop-music fanatics will not be able to impress you at the first glance, but that’s the appeal of the show.


Yes, we know Chloë Sevigny is cool and all, but wait till you lay your eyes on the bizarre side of hers in comedian Drew Droege’s Web series, Chloë. The very lovable Droege plays a fictionalized version of Chloë Sevigny who seeks weird momemts when discovering cultural gems like “Pittsburgh” and “cooking.” With the global phenomena called the Kardashians hogging all the limelight, we think this is exactly what TV needs at the moment.

Justice Woman

Justice Woman never ceases to amaze us. The show has certainly got into the habit of delivering flawless performances with every episode. The Proof: Two seasons over and the third season going in full swing! It follows the story of Sofia Escala, a modern and funky Assistant District Attorney, who discovers that the very legal system meant to serve justice without prejudice is filled with corruption. Her profession demands sheer intelligence and she uses her skills to bring an end to social unjust. With the ongoing various cases, including Jesus Lopez’s who is wrongly accused of murder, she is determined to fight for justice and dons the secret identity of Justice Woman. The show has been awarded with numerous awards with recent wins at ROME WEB AWARDS for Best Trailer and Best Actor. With gripping plot and arguably the most important concept ‘Justice,’ the show is bound to make a niche on TV.


Imagine Anthony Bourdain devouring food, add lot of swear words and hell lot of eating. The result: Munchies. It’s everything about food with more cursing. Rapper Action Bronson travels around the world and eats everything that is possible under his sight. Food Network, are you listening?

Written It Down

What do you have when Australian’s best stand-up comedians take up the challenge to perform on a show with no scripts and based on impromptu conversation, live on camera? A hysterically laugh ridden show. ‘Written It Down’ is adored by many and has won several awards at LA Web Fest last year. In times when awful humor is taking over on TV, the world needs to have an access to such brilliant talents, not just on web but on television as well.


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