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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cyber Ninja Tekkaraiger - Part 3

The Japanese underground action extravaganza is back with a new episode. Still loaded with fun, over the top action, but also more story and plot development in this go round. Definitely worth the watch! The first part of the new production from Shield and Sword Productions - Cyber Ninja Tekkaraiger. Sasuke must fight to protect the woman he loves from the dark forces of the dreaded masked Ninja, as the hero Cyber Ninja, Tekkaraiger! Each week a new chapter will be released, with the full theatrical version being released at the end of next month. Shield and Sword Productionsからの新しい作品、「サイバー忍者テッカライジャー」の第一話­です。「サスケ」という男は恋人を邪悪の忍者たちから守るため、サイバー忍者テッカラ­イジャーに変身し、忍術と技術を使って戦います。 毎週、次のパートが一渡ずつで上映し、フルバージョンを来月末に上映します。 皆さん、ヒーローの応援をよろしくお願いします

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