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Friday, May 15, 2015

Justice Woman Begins: Addressing Justice in a Nostalgic Artwork

Often, our preferences in terms of enjoyment tend to get categorized in terms of age! Not done! I am a 30-year old guy but I still love reading comic books! Would it be surprising to claim that the comic books are mostly that of superheroes? No! I am proud to say that I have the complete set of Superman – all the issues that Action Comics released! These days, I have been busy with my work and, therefore, have been unable to read comics! Wait a moment! That’s not completely accurate! I recently downloaded a comic book called Justice Woman Online.

This comic book has been written by Vanessa Verduga – the lead actress and the producer of the hit web series Justice Woman. This web series has been awarded at the Rome Web Awards in 2014 and the LA Web Festival in 2013. Justice Woman – the web series is about assistant District Attorney Sophia Escala, a talented lawyer who believes in brining justice to the powerless and sets down to ensure that by donning on the garb of Justice Woman, the defender of justice. Along with her trusty side-kick Roberta (Robert Gallion, during the day time, and a colleague of Sophia), Justice Woman serves justice to the bad guys and protects the innocent.

So, what is the story behind the comic book Justice Woman Begins? Well, it can be termed as a prequel to the web-series. The comic book follows the childhood of young Sophia who idolizes superheroes and aspires to become one herself when she grows up. Sophia fancies herself as a superheroine and attempts to provide justice to the victims of bullies at her school. During one such encounter, she stands up for a guy named Robert against a couple of bullies. But her efforts only end up in getting both of them targeted by the bullies as well as herself getting suspended from school for fighting. Not a justified end for her efforts – it was but natural to feel a little sad and wonder what will happen next.

Well, a flurry of pages and the story leaps to the future where both Sophia and Robert are grown up and working as assistant District Attorneys in Manhattan. Together, they realize their childhood dreams and end up as the superhero crime-fighting duo of Justice Woman and Roberta.

Now, this is as far as I’ll go in terms of laying forth the plot simply because I hate spoilers!

Although, I have finished reading the comic book, I am ardently waiting for the next issue to be released! Why? For starters:

  • The storytelling is phenomenal!
  • The artwork gives you the feeling of reading the comic books of the 60s
  • The comic book Justice Woman Begins should not be the first and the last one! That would be a shame!
I hope the creator of this fantastic comic book is reading this review. So, if you are reading this, then this is a honest request for you: Please write the next issue of Justice Woman Begins! For more info please visit the website | Comics


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