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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Party Girl: The Series, Season Two is here!

Season Two of Party Girl: The Series is here!

The long gestating second season of the Party Girl series begins now! Check out one of the 'net's few ongoing super hero web series!

After saving the mayor and fellow Hale High students, Party Girl is a local celebrity and looking to get out of the hero game. But just because she is ready to get out doesn't mean that her enemies are ready to let her go.

The Taurian Films (www.taurianfilms.com) web series features Cait Pool (Rachel Buchanan), DJ Economou (Edward Buchanan), Jenni Mabrey (Evelyn Buchanan), Lydia A. Williams (Michelle Bucnanan), Ada Perez (Connie Lopez), Giovannie Cruz (Red Rose/White Rose) and a host of other talented TX actors!!

For more information on the show check out the Facebook,http://www.facebook.com/PartyGirlWebSeries or http://taurianfilms.com

Any feedback of any kind feel free to comment below or e-mail [email protected].

Like the vid and share it with friends, family, everyone, let's get everyone talking about Party Girl!

Season 1 Episodes:
Chapter I -
Chapter II -
Chapter III -
Chapter IV -
Chapter V -
Chapter V - (Close Captioned for deaf/hearing impaired)
Chapter VI -
Chapter VII -
Chapter VIII -
Chapter IX -
Chapter X -
Chapter XI -
Chapter XII -
Chapter XIII -

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