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Friday, May 8, 2015

What is Vanessa Verduga been Doing Lately?

One fine Sunday morning, when I was beginning to get bushed with homework, I took to the thing which I knew would be the savior of the day. Just then, one of my friends stormed in through the door and said, “No decent place to hang out! I just spazzed out on some dude cuz his Chihuahua wetted my shoes!” “Don’t look so thirsty,” I said. “Jam your hype!” “What up, son?” “I’m watching my favorite stuff on YouTube: Justice Woman!”

Deje que este párrafo sea el final de mi diálogo!
Simply because, I want to come straight to the point – Vanessa Verduga!

Vanessa Verduga -- Ella es una persona muy talentosa

I vouch for my claim! She actually is! After all, she is a brilliant actress, a talented producer, a gifted writer! And yes, she can sing too!

I had been a fan of her since the premiere of Justice Woman – the web series, back in October 2012 (Yes, I remember the date)! The very first 3 episodes were viewed 1 million times! They are just the numbers for Season 1. Alas! There are many others, and I’m not the only ardent fan out there!

Like I said before, she’s a talented actress! Apart from Justice Woman, she produced and starred in H.O.M.E – a feature film by award winning director Daniel Maldonado, which focuses on three short stories with all of them centered on the theme of urban alienation. She essays the role of the daughter of the lead actor.

She is also in pre-production for a comedy feature film, written by her and entitled, “The Implications of Cohabitation.”

Another endeavor of Vanessa is Justice Woman Begins – that’s the name of the comic book that she’s written! While reading it, I kind of had the feeling of being in the 60s – in a good way! We also hear that she has designs eventually translating ‘Justice Woman’ into a musical play.

She also co-wrote award-winning “Danny First,” a short film based on the story of her relationship with her autistic brother, Tony.

Vanessa is a gifted writer. She writes about current events and the reasoning behind her many artistic ventures. Her work has been featured on NBC Latino, Latin Heat Entertainment and PolicyMic.

Her friends like to describe her as “a compassionate fighter with captivating strength and sassy humor.”

And I’ve been letting go of my negative feelings and stress courtesy Vanessa Verduga! What I hear is that she’s going to release a single very soon!

It had to someday. She has been very vocal about her keen interest in music.

Watch her cover Frozen's "Let It Go" below. Isn't it beautiful?

Oh! I’m living in a dream and I don’t want it to end!

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