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Friday, August 14, 2015

Ayakashi Zamurai episodes 1 and 2

Garage Pro TV is at the forefront of the Japanese underground action scene on the web. They specialize in wild and crazy CGI gorefests in the same realm as Robo Geisha and the grandaddy of them all, Machine Girl.

Their main project has been various short films built around alcoholic, failed superhero Gun Calibre as well as the instant classic, YakuZOMBIE. (Zombie mobster.) Ever since they started shooting at Youtube Space Tokyo, their quality has jumped exponentially and the result has been some of the best work in their history.

Their latest project, Ayakashi Zamurai is also shot at Youtube Tokyo but they haven't lost sight of their roots as no budget swashbucklers who make crazy and fun videos. This series is definitely worth watching for the fight choreography alone. Here's the first 2 episodes!

The Japanese underground action scene is IMO, the coolest thing going in the web space today. There's a number of cool shows, shorts and movies being made and I will be covering as many as possible!!!


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