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Friday, September 4, 2015

Why You Should Watch Justice Woman

While the best television shows of today offer novel like story, with narratives added and stretched for seasons, web series are short compelling stories filled with glowing rectangles, drama and of course comedy attached.

Yes, lasting between 5-10 minutes, Justice Woman provides an easily digestible snack without asking too much attention in an era where a listicle can distract even the most focuses mind. The show embraces the quirk and pop-art culture of the glory age of Batman (1966) and the Stan Lee days of comic books, much before they hit the global mark with million dollar budgets and a brand name to identify with.

Justice Woman follows the story of Sofia Escala, a young, smart and gutsy woman, assigned as the Assistant District Attorney in one of the largest law firms in the U.S. Her job involves only DUI cases, until she discovers that the very legal system she works for is filled with prejudice, corruption and injustice. The rich and the powerful are doing anything under their power to manipulate the common mass to garner more wealth and supremacy. Having known this, she determines to take charge and solve crime as Justice Woman, one at a time, to provide justice to all and everyone.

But of course, like every other superhero, Justice Woman is helped by her loyal but flamboyant office-mate, Robert. He does not only essay the role of a sidekick, but being the only friend offers moral support to Sofia at times when she tends to get dangerously close to believing the wrong people, or making wrong choices.

The show offers gamut of emotions. Not only Sofia has to deal with her personal life, with an over bearing mother who leaves no stone unturned to troll her on every occasion and her suspicious-looking ex-fiancé who makes a sudden appearance and wants to be back with her.

The job doesn’t look much interesting either, with constant fear, threats and intimidations from a secret criminal, and her co-workers who have become wise to her dual identity as Justice Woman.

Writer, director, producer and the star of the show, Vanessa Verduga brilliantly uses creative visual and aural effects to boosts the comedy and suspense, with Batman-esque ironic-suspenseful captions at the end of each episode and the live motion comic art in the advent of the next scene. Our most favorite is the background music, the cowboy dirges when southerner Kevin appears on the screen and in recent episode, the intense telenovela chords during the confrontation scene between Sofia and her ex-fiancé.

Justice Woman as a series is an example of how to challenge the authority and social stigma boldly. The show speaks about the women empowerment, gender equality, human rights. It's not about fake superheroes that are design to save the world from giant worms - rather it's about identifying and connecting with 'being a hero' inside.

Justice Woman is a refreshing character ever to appear on screen. She makes no legal pretense and as a crime fighter can break all the rules to protect the innocent and fight injustice.

That's what heroes do!

You can watch Justice Woman: http://bit.ly/1FZiaUz

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