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Monday, November 2, 2015

Why Every Actor Should Focus On Making a Web Series

One cannot understate the impact of creating a series personally and professionally on an actor's artistry.

Web series has the potential to go viral, attract attention to critics and audiences, and get picked up for traditional distribution if the content is developed following a comprehensive strategy to get the word out.

The industry helps gain perspective on a different route. All actors feel the helplessness of creating an art without a project, mostly relying on other people to get the work done. Crafting your own web series helps curb this disorder and could help you fetch more work. There are indeed so many ways producing can enrich your life.

Here are benefits why actors should focus on making a web series and how it could be just the break they've been waiting for.

Learn more about acting.

When you set your mind at either directing or producing a series yourself, you have the liberty to get insight of the production as you review all of the footage and sit along on editing sessions. You'll be alarmed and amused to discover more about your habits, all the good and the bad. While, as a producer you get the opportunity to interact with every member of the team and grasp knowledge on their responsibilities and how you, as an actor can contribute as a collaborator. The task allows you to be aware of tracking the continuity of scene, hitting the right mark, and delivering a performance that goes well with the light and the shot. You understand that you are just one piece in a large crowd, with a large organization of a set and the complexities of scheduling and implementing the job.

Understand the justification of why you aren't getting cast.

An actor's education is incomplete without the experience of the casting process. Once signed in a web series, you're likely to receive hundreds of submissions and in no time will fall into the same casting practices, a familiar routine involving lot of auditions. Not enough credit on resume? Not enough headshots? No audition! You'll soon start to understand the different shades that go into casting, as you realize the real values that go beyond talent and make a way around to your project in terms of their social network and their fan base. Actors with no Facebook, twitter, or Instagram page are unlikely to bring any viewers to a series.

Build more social network.

Yes, in order to make a living in this industry you're going to need a bunch of big breaks. It's increasingly important for actors to have a strong presence on social media to prove that they have a fan following at any stage of their carrier. Whether it’s your Red Carpet moment, or promoting your web series: they need to go live on your social media pages. We understand that it may not be a suitable and favorite part for all, but there's no fighting it. Once you are knowledgeable, there’s no stopping you from getting million likes and shares.

Boost your network of collaborators.

Micro-budget filming involves a community, truthfully a village and it's crucial that you show up on your collaborators sets and assist them, as an actor and contributors, and expect the same when you ask them to show up on yours. It becomes essential to support your friends' crowdfunding campaign and share their work with your network. The chances are that you exponentially learn and grow together, and concentrate on making better projects. Consider treating all your collaborators with respect, as work of today might make their Sundance debut the following year.

You have a very little control over when your "big break" and truth is, you need many such big breaks to survive in this industry. However, making a web series in your early carrier can give that push as you learn essential skills and set yourself up for success down the line.


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