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Friday, December 18, 2015

IAWTV 2015 Sizzle Reel - Non-Profit Organization Honoring Achievement of Web Television


  1. I love how they continue to play the "we are a non profit organization" card to justify how LA/NY centric and biased they are. With the exception of the year they gave the IWCC the olive branch and gave them a ton of awards last year, (an anomaly if you look at their history,) if you aren't in LA or NY, they want nothing to do with you. They aren't called "the bubble" for nothing.

    1. They certainly need to build out their international presence. It is the WWW after all, and as we all know W stands for World.

    2. They never will. They were created to get press for certain people in the mixer bubble in LA, nothing more.


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