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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Kid Music FAILS!!!

Kid Music FAILS!!! from FLIM SOCIETY on Vimeo.
A puppeteer wizard, a psychologically damaged robot, a dumpster diving folkster, and thinly veiled cult recruiters all try to teach and entertain kids through song - and they all fail miserably.


These are just a few of the zany characters you'll meet in IGGY & OLLIE! It's a new web series from the minds of Anne Douris (Bossie) and Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club) about a young married couple who decide to ditch their rock band in favour of performing kids songs, figuring it'll earn them some easy money.

IGGY & OLLIE is the story young couple fumbling towards adulthood by taking a detour through the world of children. Surrounded by eccentric kids’ music stars and speaking to a demographic they know nothing about, they realize the simple lessons they’re trying to impart through song apply to their own lives even more than they do to the kids.

In their attempt to take a shortcut to adulthood, Iggy and Ollie are about to learn just how far away from being grown up they really are.

A Last Frame Pictures Production

Written & Directed by Anne Douris & Graham Wright
featuring Rob Norman, Tom Power, Freddie Rivas, Raina Douris, and Anne Douris
Photographed by Mike Gillespie and Amanda Fotes
Sound Recorded by Dan Haack
Assisted by Veronika Paz


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