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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Merging YouTube Channels

Moving home is said to be the most stressful thing you ever do. 

We are moving Shades Of Bad from its current virtual home to its new residence and it is so stressful we are going on a cruise and will doing it virtually!

It is not easy ....

We have a few program strains and to date they have been on different channels. Two of our films recently signed to Metrodome with possible sequels to both. (Freight To 2018 and Nameste Quo 2019).

Having them represented by Metrodome is international sales, it is like having a house in the country because Bula Quo is already with Universal and Freight is with Icon. 
But we control the virtual location we call home, the behind the scenes areas  where we keep in touch with interested viewers on two separate channels. Those channels as well as our TV channels Shades Of Bad (the female serial killer), Doris Visits (the informative travel show) and How To Film (the show that will take you from page to screen and then marketing and Adsense) means we had a spread focus. But you cannot merge YouTube Channels so you have to do things in a very contrived way and make choices.

As well as being in prep for the feature Lighthouse Unmanned (2016), we will next week be shooting in St. Maarten, St Lucia then Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel – Azores as well as adding films to our How To Film playlist which is also moving to the new channel.

It is a bit like moving in with the children, or the children moving back in with the parents, but it will mean we only have to run one channel. However that might take some time as moving the Bula Quo material is not yet scheduled.

There are more reasons to merge and rebrand; to be honest we have learnt a lot as the industry and viewing habits change. Did you know that 90% of the UK adult population now have a mobile phone, that 75% of them are smart phones and that most people now have four screens and 80% of you at some point open a second screen while watching TV. That will not decrease and having a channel ready is the five year plan. You are all expected to have ten screens each within two more years and have driverless cars by 2020 so the opportunities to view will only increase.

It is changing and changing fast and every little change YouTube or Twitter makes means a huge change for us and our mechanics, across many channels. We are tempted to also edit the re edit the end of every film to show the new location and list of shows. 

It is a whole re-branding that will go on until all films are in the new home, and the playlist on the old channel just reflect the  films on the new channel. At the moment and for many weeks it will be the other way round but changing. All new films will be loaded into the new channel including Dubai week, all the new How To Film Videos and Season 3 of Shades Of Bad starring and ex East Ender and an Olympian. Our YouTube channel is still with Disney’s MAKER STUDIOS.  

So, centralization is now something we have to do now the workload has increased exponentially. Jean is now running a TV station single handed and it has a number of program strains that she makes. Mention that to a YouTuber and they would say, ‘so what, it is what we all do.’ Mention that to a broadcaster and they might say, ‘impossible!’


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