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Thursday, March 17, 2016

SHADES OF BAD season 3 starts with a body & a chainsaw

SHADES OF BAD season three has started and has Shades Of Bad gone too far?

The first two episodes of season 3 have been self rated over 18 to avoid complaints, as Doris, rather Dexter like, has just cut up a body with a chain saw. Obviously you don’t see it, but the show is a far more ambitious, far more out their and edgy in season three.

You might want to see the previous episode to see where the body came from and where it is going, that is episode 40, the finale of season 2. But if you saw it, then stay above.

Following the last episode of season 2, tension between Doris and Wilma rises out of control and it is far to say they are about to kill each other. BFF …… girls can fight ……

New characters are about to waltz into the series as the old ones thin out....

Shades Of Bad Playlist, click here.

Whilst the Shades Of Bad team are in the Caribbean shooting episode 60, the last episode is season 3 which is due for release on the 28th July, they have auto released twelve films on You Tube this fortnight.

In what is their Dubai fortnight there has been a film every weekday for two weeks in the Doris Visits series. But it is Season 3 that has fingers wagging.

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