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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Superhost IPF Trailer

Superhost IPF Trailer from UnstoppableUrgesProductions on Vimeo.
What happens when your big wig boss gets busted for fraud, his accounts frozen and you were charging his expenses on your credit card to make the Aeroplan points?

SuperHost is a comedic web series that focuses on the escapades of a young woman who, desperate to make extra cash, rents out her downtown loft through an online website. SuperHost is a hilarious expose on the shenanigans that ensue when keys to a home are handed over to complete strangers.

Cast: (In Order of Appearance)

Charles (Boss): Gordon Pinsent
Holly (SuperHost): Marie Dame
Landlord: Dawn Greenhalgh
Kevin ( Exterminator): Joel Thomas Hynes
Rani (Friend): Anusree Roy
Bryce ( Ex-Boyfriend) :Jonathan Watton
Square Husband: Louis Adams
Square Wife: Sarah DiMuro
Rock Star: Justin Rutledge
Groupie #1 Jasmine Burns
Groupie #2 Leah Doz
Groupie #3 Loriel Medynski
Groupie #4 Kyla Dewey

Crew List:

Producer: Kelli Kieley
Director: Megan Follows
Writer/Producer: Marie Dame
Director of Photography: Ed O’Neil
Camera: Philippe Maurice
Editor: Andrew Cromey
1st A.D: Andrew Palmer
2nd AD: Ada Tsang
3rd AD: Georgina Graham
Sound Mixer: Tricia Harris
Gaffer: Andriyas Redel
Post Sound: Mikhial Gurarie
Stills Photo: Ramona Diaconescu
Set PA: Armando Lazcano
Script Supervisor: Natasha Naveau and Vanessa Shah
Hair and Makeup : Gelareh Kamazan
Kraft Supervisor: Howard Gillis
Caterer: Amy Fleischman


  1. Not sure what surprised me more, the fact that Megan Follows is still alive or that Gordon Pinsent is still alive!

  2. This looks like the perfect concept for a short form web series. I cannot wait to see episodes. Great cast!! Hurry up and get funded :-)


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