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Friday, April 8, 2016

Scheduling your web series in advance and looking good on YouTube.

It is every web channel's wish to have episodes scheduled in advance and this is the first time we have
achieved it. The films are loaded and to the right there is the word SCHEDULED, they are scheduled to automatically release on the date and time chosen.

Now the episodes are loading for season 3, and will automatically release from the 15th April with a great exterior episode (Shades OF Bad has up to now been shot in the kitchen), when the girls go to dump a body.

But the look of Shades Of Bad TV is changing completely, albeit slowly and slower than we would like. The channels for our feature films FREIGHT and BULA quo are now connected to the Shades Of Bad TV channel on You Tube, and the connections begin to reverse. If you look at the channel now it looks a little like this.

For the first time we have a channel trailer. That was just laziness on our part, we just never cut one. Now there is one up, not doubt we will wish to change it every week. That won't happen.

Next is the Shades Of Bad Playlist with 40 films up and another 20 episodes scheduled. There is a test there at the start of the first 5 episodes cut together into a longer format.

The next list is the Doris Visits list and we have St Lucia and St. Marteen in the edit with a few others. We next visit Denmark and Russia which is why we need the scheduler.

the next list is a How To Film a web series of films which we will continue as and when, but they seem to fall way down the pecking order each time they ask for edit suit space it is ... well

Then the first play list of one of our feature films, Bula Quo which has 250,000 views. This is now linked across though we need to do more work to link it to the others. Easy we know, but the jobs fall into a list. Released by UNIVERSAL.

Then there is a list for the film Freight, our harsh film on sex trafficking released by ICON. Both the above films are sold by Metrodome and were at Berlin and will be at Cannes again. Freight 2 is on the cards and looks like it will be the next feature we attempt now, though history tells us that it never turns out as expected. The novel FREIGHT is out in may.

Maybe we will connect our other films this year, Devil's Gate, The Scarlet Tunic and The Usual Children. However, they are not even on a list yet!

So, season 3 of Shades Of Bad goes to Norway and Barcelona, stars the world champion and Olympian Derek Redmond and Manuel Martinez as well as an old buddy from many films ago, Oliver Degnan. It is about time you click here and watched the short channel trailer for a little taste.

The most important button is the subscribe button, why, because some of our films have to get marked over 18, and YouTube subscription is they way they assure over 18's watch over 18's. Please register and subscribe to our channel, and we will try and give more.

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