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Friday, April 29, 2016

Wilma has killed Doris, what next? – Episode 42, Season 3.

Wilma has killed Doris, what next? –  Episode 42,  in Season 3.

It was bound to happen, not just because Doris and Wilma are literally at each others throats, but because the executive producer who funded the show is a world ranked stunt coordinator with endless serious credits and awards. However, Stuart St Paul, has little to do with the filming of the show. He invested the money and his scripts were adapted to two women in a kitchen. 

Now on Season 3 there is a point where they have to fight, and he called a number of the stunt women to come in and arrange the fight but they were all too busy. Stunt women, compared to their male counterparts never stop working. One was in Hungary on the Martian, her sister was abroad, and others of Stuart's regular team were also working. There are so few stunt women compared with stunt men which is amazing when you think many women come into the industry through dance and gymnastics ... still that is another story.

In last week's episode Wilma has thrown Doris to the floor,  left her for dead and plonked the chainsaw firmly on the kitchen table. She goes for Doris’s purse where Doris keeps the gun in order to finish her off, but there is no gun. Doris had been bluffing. Wilma is therefore not able to coldly put a bullet into Doris to conclude the evening. (episode 41).... but before the end of the season one of them will have to go!

Here in episode 2 of season 3, Wilma looks down and sees Doris is dead, Doris hit her head on the tiled floor as she fell.
“Sorry, Doris’. Wilma says, then changes her mind.  “No", she reconsiders, "I’m not.  Bitch”.

The question now; will Wilma cut Doris’s body up with the chain saw like Doris just cut up the dead body of the councillor?  Maybe, but the recycling bin is already full with one body.(Episode 40)

We have to thank Breaking Bad for making that word so fashionable, ‘Bitch!’ But Wilma had just about had enough of Doris and it was coming, though unexpected. However, expect the unexpected with Shades Of Bad.

Sure, Wilma started the problem in Season 1 by sleeping with Doris’s husband, then not understanding that if she took the man she should also take the mother-in-law. How Wilma ever remained friends with Doris is played out in a twisted needy relationship over the first 40 coffee break episodes of Shades Of Bad.

Doris might just not be dead yet ..... cat fight. The younger director had ambitions of a Jean Claude Van Damme fight, for his showreel no doubt, but that would have been out of character. The cat fight is in character as should every word of the dialogue, be which is why your stunt coordinator is so so important a choice Stuart tells us. Take a look at some of his credits by clicking here.

If you never saw Freight, it is a movie they made for ICON Entertainment. Jean Heard who plays Doris, then played Billy Murray’s wife and their daughter played by Laura Aikman was stolen. 

The film was made before 'Taken' and stayed quite a long time in post as the distributors made changes then found a slot for it, or were they waiting for Taken to be released and ride on the back of it?  Either way Freight is a very gritty film, and Shades Of Bad is just about to get mucky.

Above right is Natalie Anderson who won a role in Emmerdale after the performance in Freight. Stuart worked on Emmerdale as a creative head for 26 years. To the left, Danny Midwinter won Best Actor seen here with the Berlin prize winner as rising star, Zsolt Nagy.

Shades Of Bad has to date been a coffee break series, three minutes to watch on the go and its viewer base has got used to the short cliffhanger episodes. However, at the start of the playlist is a new beginning if you wish to start from the very beginning; 5 of the episodes are cut together to make an 11 minute episode. Click here for the playlist (or find it via the channel).

Our suggestion is go to Episode 40 and start there, that is the racier material, then 41 and this weeks 42. If you just want the cat fight episode 42, then it is below.

We would love to hear your comments about which format you prefer, either as comments on the film or via the website www.shadesofbad.com

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