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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Doris, Mistresses to British Royalty

Mistresses to British Royalty, or Royal Mistresses just happens to be the one woman show of actress Jean Heard who plays Doris Shades in Shades of Bad. Now, she walks us round London and reveals the haunts of Royal trysts. How did we get there from Shades Of Bad?

The drama web series Shades Of Bad has won Jean Best Actress twice and is now well into season 3.

There is now a well established travel show spin off. Doris, as Jean, or Jean as Doris has reviewed cruise ships, been to many of the Caribbean stops and has videos on ski resorts. Click here for the list.

Obviously there is a travel show film on the Fjords in Norway on the list, but unlike the other travel films which are purpose shot, that is a collection of film out-takes and views from when they were shooting the Norwegian episodes of Shades Of Bad the web series which are now going out weekly. Click here for the first Norwegian show.

However, it is odd that a London based travel show ignores the jewel of London. Add the train of thought that Jean Heard has a series of five one woman shows called Royal Mistresses, it was obvious that the team should trek into London and see just where these little elicit meetings took place. Her show is booked via Jennie Storr, her agent at the famous The Speaker's Agency.

There are some fantastic surprises in the films like being allowed to film in the famous Rules Restaurant for the Lillie Langtry film and finding the table where she sat with Edward VII.

Discovering that there was a tunnel from the Drury Lane Theatre to the pub opposite for Charles II to see Nell Gwynn.

The fantastic statue of Queen Alexandra who had to share Edward VII with many mistresses, including Alice Keppel who was the great grandmother of Camilla Parker Bowles! In Edwardian high society, affairs and mistresses were more acceptable than divorce!  We visit Clarence house, once home to King William 1V, previously the Duke of Clarence who had a 20 year affair, and 10 children with Dorothy Jordan.

On top of that there is a film on Buckingham Palace and the area.

If you are not all Royalled out by then Doris, Jean, went up to Edinburgh for the Queen's 90th birthday and does a full tour of the Royal Yacht Britannia.  One of three films in Edinburgh, Doris also found a take of Lillie Langtry while in Scotland, That appears in the Lillie Langtry film.


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