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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Load and schedule, then schedule tweets and blogs. Auto release.

Load to You Tube and Daily Motion (and Strimm and Opera), then schedule tweets and Marketing  to match the auto release....

Shades Of Bad is still a weekly 3 to 5 minute web TV series, rarely does it go over or under that, length and we have released constantly since going live a year ago.

We also have the Doris Visits travel series and are away again on another ship from this weekend where we will be filming cruise stops in Denmark, Sweden and up to St Petersburg, so we expect to come back with 7 or 8 new travel films for Doris Visits.

then we have the behind the scenes films from our features and a How To Film series which this video falls under. So, although we haven't counted, we reckon about 150 films in a year.

We now are using the scheduler more and more and that means the episodes are uploaded early and scheduled to go out at later dates.

On top of that we schedule tweets to go out on the back of those episodes and a blog to go out on the back of the tweets, then tweets on the blogs on the back of the blogs. Next we have OS TV, the operating system for TV and TV apps and Opera and Strimm..... yes, check out Doris running as a TV show. So, we can't worry about hitting deadlines, we have to deal with uploads in bulk. Eventually the plan is to have a TV channel and produce a constant output, that is an interesting future. So, when someone tells you they are making a web series and it is just three or four parts, you can see where that ambition might lead.

To keep all our films, blogs and web pages and the links thereto all listed, we keep a huge excel sheet of all the links, short links and blogs and blog's links we can make those marketing moves and also randomly blog.

Uploading is not straight forward and becomes a huge job that has to be done in a certain order and the boxes ticked. There are many little tricks that one has to deal with. like if you schedule a video to go out and save it, then you cannot add the film to a playlist. So you have to do things in the right order.

We have done two more films this week to help film makers and content owners build their channel, the first was the terrific interview Jean (Doris) did with our composer Mark Blackledge. That dos nicely to the film she made a few weeks ago about laying music cues on the episodes as she now has a library and lays her own music on as the others in the team start to plan films again.

This video is a film of Doris at the desk again, buried in wires, uploading films and marketing. It is an interesting insight into the workload and makes you realise that the filming side of film making is just a tiny bit of what you have to do.

Load, schedule and marketing scheduled ...... take a look.  Below.....

Then come back and see where the ambition of clever shooting can outstrip the limitations broadcasters have.

Enjoy the current episode of Shades Of Bad where Jean as Doris is on a ship approaching Bergen in Norway. Jean now directs and has been directing Olympian Derek Redmond, who is back in the UK in the Kitchen .... Derek is in his screen debut. (auto available from Friday is his 6th episode)


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