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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Monster Shrink: Val's Intro

Monster Shrink: Horror-Comedy Web TV by Val Stulman

I’m thrilled to join the Web Series Today Blogging community. Lemme start with a little intro.

My writing partner, J.T. Shannon, who, by the by, is the NICEST guy you’ll ever meet,  originally convinced me that creating and shooting a web series with a bunch of friends would be the best thing since… (insert guilty pleasure here.)  Well, that first series never got off the ground because of the usual “creative differences”, but a year or two later, we decided to try again. Actually,  I convinced John to try again.  Hey, I get over the sturm und drang of failed projects faster than he does. I’ve been through it a lot more. I’m older.

Speaking of older… J.T. (John to friends) and I first met at UC, Riverside’s MFA program. I’d gone back to school to re-invent myself and found, ironically, that being older and from a strongly opinionated Bronx family didn’t help much with, ahem, certain professors.  John, as student rep, would always step in and help.  After all, he is the NICEST guy ever.  If you check our website, www.monstershrink.com, you can find out more us and our team.

After many conversations, we decided to give the web series world another shot. We created Monster Shrink and brought on a small team of terrifically talented peeps.  We launched a second show in January, Dr. Dani’s Fireside Vlog. It drops every Tuesday.

Both shows are female-driven, centering around Dr. Dani and a panoply of classic monsters, with an occasional revisionist, feminist twist… that was important to us. I play Dr. Dani, the funny little psychiatrist who caters to all beings who go bump in the night. In fact, if you check out our very first episode, you’ll see guest star, Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced, Sean Saves The World) as The Grim Reaper.  It’s about a guy who can’t meet a girl because every time he touches someone, she dies.

There are lots more monsters and lots more monster problems.  We’re easy to binge on... https://www.youtube.com/c/MonsterShrink  If you love monsters and comedy the way we do, you’ll be in for a fun surprise…

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