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Thursday, July 28, 2016

6 Inspirational Women In Fiction

It’s been a long time coming and I’ve decided to chronicle six women in fiction who can serve as excellent role models for the modern generation. These characters have a strong sense of justice and are driven by passion to achieve their goals no matter what. In an age where women are rising up to be the leaders of the new world, inspiration is hardly lacking in the real world. But fiction can influence our hearts and that is powerful in an age where practical reality tries to overshadow our humane instinct to follow our dreams and fight for a righteous cause.

I’ve picked each one to represent a certain community within their fictional genres. Because I was moving across genres, I decided to pick one from each category and avoided going too mainstream like wonder woman, who we all admire already. The genres, respectively, are - a movie, a comic book, a novel, a web series, science fiction, and gaming franchise.

Violet Baudelaire


Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events


A curious teenage child with a penchant for inventions, Violet Baudelaire is our pick for the movie category. The cinematic adaptation of the lovable books, A Series of Unfortunate Events, takes us on a beautiful ride into the escapades of three orphaned children with incredible minds. Violet Baudelaire is a role model for all the budding engineers and inventors out there. The movie chronicles her many daring feats and beautifully portrays her skill in making handy inventions out of common, everyday items. Assisted by her knowledgeable, book-loving brother and baby sister with incredibly sharp teeth - her inventions get this adorable trio out of many a pickle.



DC Comics

 Barbara Gordon tries to follow in the footsteps of the Dark Knight, under the alias of Batgirl, but suffers a horrible fate at the hands of the Joker who shoots her in the spine. The scenario leaves her unable to walk. But she doesn’t stop there. She takes on the mantle of Oracle! She is disabled, but that does not stop her from pushing the boundaries of her capabilities and becomes one of the greatest strategist and spy in the DC universe. Her fight isn’t from the front lines, although that wouldn’t bother her too much, she fights crime in her own way from a computer screen and a secure radio channel.

Miss Marple


Agatha Christie

 An elderly spinster from the village of St. Mary Mead is our pick for the novel category. Appearing as a consultant detective in the 12 crime novels compiled by Agatha Christie, she is an idol for the intellectual woman with a sharp eye for details and incredible deductive skills. Her analysis of each crime as it is presented to her never fails to astound the reader and we can’t help but admire her gritty determination to weed out the real perpetrators of the crime.

Justice Woman

Web Series

Vanessa Verduga

 The web series is the entertainment for the future and considering the large number of web series out there, Justice Woman makes the cherry on the cake. Written by actor, producer, director, activist and playwright, Vanessa Verduga stars in her web series as the headstrong, sexy lawyer, Sofia Escala who leads a double life as the vigilante Justice Woman. She holds a grudge against the white collar criminals in the system, who accepts bribes to betray the hard working common citizens. The witty, sarcastic humor and a cross-dressing sidekick make it a full blown package that will keep you entertained throughout the seasons. Her steadfast resolve to stand up for justice and morals makes her the ideal choice for this category.

Leia Skywalker

Science Fiction Franchise

Star Wars

 Science fiction has always been considered a sacred nerd zone that is impervious to modern pop culture trends. No matter how much swag one might have, come comic-con, the Chewbacca costumes will be out! Leia Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise (mostly in the post-movie books) is a powerful leader who brings peace and order back in the galaxy from the political side of things. Considering her childhood as part of the Organa family, she goes on to become one of the strongest characters in science fiction in her quest to unite the galaxy even amidst the many interjections from the dark side.


Game Franchise


One of the greatest gaming franchises ever to hit the gaming community and also what primarily drives people to buy the Microsoft’s exclusive-for-gaming product, the X-Box, the Halo series would be a dull and frustrating affair were it not for the smartest among smart AI constructs, Cortana. Appearing in the image of her creator, Dr. Catherine Halsey, the intelligent strategist with a sarcastic tongue is our pick for the strongest woman in a gaming franchise (Lara Croft and Tifa were close seconds). While the master chief can take out hordes and hordes of super strong aliens coming his way, without Cortana, the human race in the Halo universe would have gone extinct from the Covenant invasions and not even the Spartan programs would have made a difference.


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