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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Monster Shrink: Fireside Vlog Summer Holiday Comic-Con Thoughts by Val Stulman

One thing we’ve noticed as we drop a Monster Shrink: Fireside Vlog every week is that when we do one that’s holiday themed, we seem to get extra interest. I mean everyone loves a good holiday. FYI -- here’s our 4th of July ep.
And here’s one from Felicia Day which I love.
And here’s a song for kids called “Boom Go the Fireworks” which I really LOVE.
But, with Independence Day OVER… what’s next? Until Halloween, which, in our opinion, is THE BIGGEST of the big, what is there? Not Labor Day… not Back to School Day… I mean, what can you do with those, show monsters working or little monsters trundling off to school to scare kids? Oh, wait…. Yeah, you could do that… but… those are minor, and all the way in September. We did recently do women’s rights episode called “The Monstrous Mystique” for the 50th Anniversary of NOW. We loved that one. We like being a little political.
But that’s over too and monsters like to celebrate. The only thing I can come up with is Comic-Con which, if you live here in L.A., is down in San Diego this weekend. Every geek and monster I know would definitely call that a holiday weekend! Just the thought of it sends a collective nerdgasm through most of my friends. So, here’s our latest holiday Fireside Vlog… Dr. Dani’s 2016 San Diego Comic-Con shout out! Monster on! Geek out! 


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