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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Shades Of Bad spin off now on TV via Opera

The web series Shades Of Bad spin off was easier to get ready for Opera TV than the drama series, which will be re-editied and then made into a proper long series having shot over 3 hours thus far. More on that on our last blog. Click here to go to that extensive blog.

But in case you are wondering what Opera is, it is like Netflix. They are TV apps. You know apps from your phone, but TV's to date have been too stupid to deal with them, so apps like Netflix or Ted have to come pre-installed or via an add on like Amazon Firestick.

From the very end of last year TV's started to get a little more intelligent, and most are now fitted with ANDROID technology, that is the same as your phone. So, the TV fights back, it can be the huge screen in the room that does the cool stuff and it will be the house telephone. Remember Rollerball !!!!!

So, Netflix is an app, Opera is an App taking the best and most consistent web content suppliers.

Shades Of Bad has produced a weekly soap for a year now, but to make that work it will be re-editing into closer to normal TV format lengths, possibly 12 to 18 minutes per episode. There is more of that on the other blog, but the spin off travel show for actress Jean Heard who was voted twice Best Actress on the now stalled Indie Series Chart was seen to have legs.

Doris Visits is new and again, the work of the last few weeks is on the previous blog, take a look, but this blog is to say we made it....

we are published on TV 

take a look on your computer or OPERA TV if you have a modern TV.... buzz us and let us know if you can find us.


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