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Friday, July 29, 2016

UK webseries Doris Shades Of Bad star in Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother kicks off, and Doris Shades Of Bad guest star James Whale is in there.

Last night saw the new big brother house reveal it's celebrity guests, and it has the usual mix of controversial guests and the spoon to stir them all up could be chat show host and broadcaster James Whale.

James Whale, actor, broadcaster....

James, apart from being a guest star as Detective Inspector James Whale in episode 32 of Doris Shades Of Bad (original coffee break versions), is known for the Sunday paper reviews on Sunday Morning Television and his breakfast show on BBC Radio Essex. For many years he had his own late night TV show in the UK with had millions of viewers, figures shows just cannot get nowadays. James has had long stints on LBC, Talk Radio and Talk Sport. Click here to go to the site which will have the interview between James and Stuart.

The Connection ....

James Whale used to be the Late Night presenter on Metro Radio in Newcastle back in the 1970's, and it was there he became friends with Stuart St Paul who was then the breakfast show DJ. Stuart is now the executive producer on Shades Of Bad who has dragged in some interesting guests. Here in this interview, James and Stuart chat, head to head in the garden of Doris Shades, which is his house.  Click here to go to the site which will have the interview between James and Stuart.

The Episode

Episode 32, a lofty number very few web series achieve, is the one that James Whale appears in. The role made for him is Detective Inspector James Whale, who comes into the made house to arrest someone for murder. The series is not to be taken too seriously, it is a very light hearted humorous but very dark show about Doris Shades Of Bad, a woman who has needs, and revenge is amongst them.

Click this text for the episode which is on daily Motion so Blogspot does not support it as a film box.

Watch Shades Of Bad from the start

Click here for the very first episode of the coffee bite series on our new Daily Motion Channel.

Other Guest Stars ....

Almost all the web series shows nominated for awards in the USA were American, but guest star Richard Beaumont was nominated for his guest appearance. Ricky was a child star in many films like Digby the Dog. Now, as we head into the Rio Olympics period World Champion and Olympian Derek Redmond becomes a huge presence in ten episodes ... episodes 43 to 53. Derek was hugely nervous in his first acting role and due to his packed diary he often had to change days, arrive late and on one day had a Sky Sports camera team arrive at the house to take over and interview him during a lunch break. Take a look at his entrance.

Where is Shades Of Bad now?

Good question. There is no doubt that the tail is now wagging the dog.  The spin off travel show Doris Visits has become an instant huge web success and has been selected and put onto the Opera TV channel already. The web site went up a few days ago www.dorisvisits.com (click this text) and already has over 60 pages loaded and schedule to release at two each day, then one a day. 
Take a look at just one show, Doris is very different in the travel show and it makes for a very friendly and engaging presentation.

This weeks episode is number 55

Fifty five episodes of a web series and still going is quite a fete. The girls, Jean and Lynn who play Doris and Wilma just wrote and directed their own episode which Buster came back and patiently did camera from. That will slot in between episode 56 and 57 and delay the next guest star from arriving by another week. This week, episode 55 is called the garage where the three girls load a dead body into the car to go and dump it in the woods (next weeks). Three leave, only two come back is all the hint we will give you. Next week in the woods was the first UK exterior location, and a night shoot. Did they have a crew and lights.... did they heck. Total crew was doubled from one to two ! And a hand generator was borrowed to work their 3 x LED light panels. 

Manuel Martinez

Is a name you might not know unless you are involved with the live cabaret circuit. He is a comedian / magician who just played at Stephen Hawkins even in the Canaries, and is well known on the cruise ship circuit. He comes in and goes and comes back and.... well, that is the future. A glimpse of him is in the behind the scenes video explaining how Doris Shades Of Bad shot in Norway and Barcelona.

The future of Doris Shades Of Bad

Ex INDYUK Films producer and then assistant to Duncan Heath at ICM, Philip Kennan has been brought back with the remit of turning the series on its head. The series will start and timeline Doris Shades post arrest and in treatment, and all that has been shot will be used as flash backs. He has free reign to explore all possibilities. There is no time line on this as there are no less that 6 cruises booked and a number of other trips for Doris Shades to take as Doris Visits.



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