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Friday, July 8, 2016

Up To US Caravan to the DNC - Explained by Shailene Woodley

JOIN US! For a cross country caravan to the DNC! 

For far too long our elected officials have been representing their own or corporate best interests instead of ours. A we’ve been letting them. It’s time for us to take back our political system by standing together, showing up, and rising.  

Bernie Sanders may have sparked this movement, but he was just our organizer---it is up to us to keep the momentum going and ensure our voices are heard by writing our own narrative, not that of mainstream media or political pundits.


We are gathering in Philly to show that when the people stand together, there is nothing we can’t achieve. The goal is to visually display the mass amount of us who are done being fed the current narrative of suppression. To show our government, mainstream media, and the powers that be that regardless of the corrupt political nature our establishment is attempting to preserve, we will lay idle and remain complacent no more. Every face that appears in Philly is making our message stronger: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

We are gathering with love, to anchor in the integrity that this movement has garnered.


We are migrating from the West to the East, to unite the people of our country in an act of solidarity against political and corporate corruption. There will be two caravans, one starting in Los Angeles, CA the other starting in Portland, OR crossing states gathering more drivers along the way until we reach Philadelphia where we will peacefully protest. We want to show the government our commitment---that working class families across the states are willing to take a week off of work to make sure our voices are heard. 


Each caravan will take 7 days to complete. We want the world to watch our movement move--in real time. To watch the mass of cars grow as we make our way East. We will depart at roughly 9am each morning, drive between 7-8 hours a day, rest each night, and gather again in a streamlined trail the next morning. Each car is encouraged to decorate their vehicles with posters and window markers expressing our demands for democracy.

We are fundraising so that everyone who wants to join can, regardless of financial restrictions. If you are concerned about the finances of gas, food, and water, we have a scholarship program that can help you get to Philly without stress.  

Every face in that crowd is going to matter.

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Up To US Caravan to the DNC - Explained by Shailene Woodley


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