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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Classic Olympic moments, Derek redmond stars in British Web series and is quite an actor.

Olympian Derek Redmond adds acting to his armoury.

Just search 'Derek Redmond Shades Of Bad"

Derek Redmond joins the cast of the award winning British Web Series, will he be the first guest actor not to be killed off by the accidental psychopath Doris Shades.

The series has reached as high as number 2 in the world web series chart and lead actress Jean Heard has twice been voted number 1 actress in the USA for the role. But Derek is a World Champion, a member of that famous 4 x 400m relay team, and Olympian, a commentator and a celebrity guest speaker.

Derek not only works the after dinner circuit with his famous story but visits schools and inspires youngsters not to give. Derek is a true champion and one we are proud to call and friend and have in our series. In episode 50 he appears in his famous Bentley.

Watch them all, and also check out some of the other guest stars like Celebrity Big Brothers James Whale in episode 32.

Also on Daily Motion....and other platforms ... Just search 'Derek Redmond Shades Of Bad"

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