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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The travel Web Series DORIS VISITS meets up with Rock Legends Status Quo in Marbella four years after filming in Fiji

Doris Visits Marbella and the Starlite club to catch up with rock legends Status Quo

The connections live on as Doris Visits coordinates another filming visit with a Quo concert.  

Doris Visits is produced and presented by actress Jean Heard who also made the feature film Bula Quo with the band Status Quo, in Fiji. The little acorns were falling then with ideas of a travel show but were sidetracked when her partner was taken by HBO to shoot Strike Back 5 in Hungary, Thailand, Austria and Slovenia. Boy we wish we had started a travel show years ago.

Doris Shades of Bad

Jean came up with the idea of a web series and pulled some old screenplays of the shelf to see what might cut into blocks, and the stage play about the future collapse of mankind became the end, it has just taken well over 60 episodes to get there and in the mean time a travel series has been born.
When Doris Visits were in Stockholm on a Baltic cruise she missed Quo by a day, but this was organised as she flew out with friends including the ex head of Universal Music.

Doris Visits Puerto Banus and Status Quo at the Starlite. 

The travel film starts in Puerto Banus but we travelled up the mountain to the Starlite club which, Rick has been on about for years as it sits in his playground. 

Status Quo had never played the Starlite and there were some pre gig nerves at doing this gig which was arranged for Rick well before he fell ill. Quo had to play it without him.

However, the nerves added edge and Quo were on fire in Marbella hills at the Starlite, the auditorium carved into the rock where an old quarry once was.

Doris (Actress and producer Jean Heard from Bula Quo) went back stage and met with Francis, Rhino and Andrew the three band members from the team that went to Fiji for the film she made with them. It was, as always a happy re-union with discussions of future projects. The road crew had been looking for Doris and her guests all over as she had found her own way backstage - as she does.

The venue is a night club with a main stage, quite a wild mix of very trendy cocktail bar, night club, dining and multi stage venue with no cross over of sound. Well they might have been able to here Quo in the club but we couldn't here the club in the quo concert.

Check out gig clips at the end of the Doris Visits film and the venue that Rick has been harking on about for years. This is a pre release link. Click any where on the text to go to the film.

Plans for many things are on hold while Rick recovers treatment, but we are still full steam ahead to do something new with Quo. Watch this space.

The music on the travel film is the music from the Quo feature film Bula Quo scored by Mark Blackledge who is a film composer (Disney, Nativity, Devils Gate, Freight etc) who is represented by Doris's company INDYUK. Contact us via the web site www.DorisVisits.com

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