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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"Bit of a posh bird aren't you Doris?" He says with some violence in his voice......

"Bit of a posh bird aren't you Doris?" He says with some violence in his voice.....

'Bit of a posh bird aren't you Doris', I love that line, not because I wrote it, I didn't put it on paper, it came out on set as I was directing and watching actor Oliver Degnan work. Just pushing him further as the door of opportunity opened. Some actors are a dream to work with. He has that edge that Aaron Paul has in Breaking Bad.

I also would never have written in a screenplay 'He says with some violence'. Old school, me... I hate writers who tell any member of the team what to do, not the actor, director or production designer. It is not a book where it is just you and the reader, you are writing for a team of talented individuals who you have to hope are far more talented than you and will make your product better. Don't tell them how to do their job... 

But yes, Doris is a posh bird, and the episode of the sinister jeweller is me thinks one of the best all time episodes of Shades Of Bad. Still, let us not tell the audience now, they can judge for themselves.



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