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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Shades Of Bad web series has about 150 films in one year ... just a start

Owning your own content was the goal.

As of this week, we publish episode 61 of the drama Shades Of Bad and we just published the 73 travel films into their own channel, Doris Visits removing them from the Shades OF Bad channel and leaving that more for drama. There are also other films we have yet to work out what to do with in the How To Film series still sitting in the Shades Of Bad channel.

The travel spin off, Doris Visits, has grown so fast we have had to separate it, and the work this past week was moving videos, uploading them to new stand alone sites. Try uploading that many films!




Episode 61 of Shades Of Bad, a very special one

The travel show started as a spin off of the drama series Shades Of Bad, publishes episode 61 on Friday but you can see it now by clicking here. It was shot as we left Barcelona, but it wasn't.... If you have not seen the Barcelona episodes, they were shot in Barcelona, we the exteriors, the interior was North West London. 
The sunset as we left (which is a cheat as it was as we left a Caribbean Island). Then take a look now.
Click this text for Episode 61 of the drama.

The idea was to build numbers and content

Owning content is key to the future and online shops like ours. The trouble is we have got too big and the channels needed to be seperated. We have also decided to break ties with Maker Studios though for those requests they are a little unresponsive at the moment.

So you may have been watching Doris Visits on the Shades Of Bad channel, but now we are throwing away those view numbers and redirecting viewers to the new channels.

Where Next?

In the pipeline as some Fiji films with Status Quo to edit, which we shot while on the film Bula Quo.

Then after a trip to Spain next week to complete the Costa Del Sol (we were out there last week with Status Quo). We will then return to shoot episode 62 and get that out. It might be the last one for a while as we negotiate with a star for the following three episodes and have to tie up awkward dates. Then we are to cruise to the Canaries.

London Films and a celebration

We have also started a London series and as we were celebrating this weekend, a very belated special birthday of SSP, who was away shooting for HBO when he had the birthday and has been recovering from an on set incident ever since. So, now celebrating that birthday we added two London films to the London section of Doris Visits this week. To see more about the Doris Visits move and the London celebrations click here to take a look at the full blog.

Take a look at the blog


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