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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The betterhelp Scandal

This is a scandal that is blowing sky high in recent months.

There's so much more and I can't recommend watching the entire series in its entirety enough, its mind blowing how far reaching this goes. 

PewDiePie had a HUGE hand in finding more about BetterHelp and had an even huger hand in getting this story out to a larger audience.

Phil's response.

Memeology101's response to Phil's response.

This thing has so many Youtubers involved that it could have repercussions across the industry as a whole.  The podcast I'm going to close this article with covers most all of this cliffs notes style. 

But if BetterHelp is the scam so many think it is, and there's some DAMNING info to back that claim up, then a LOT of Youtubers are screwed, period.


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