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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Deacons Drop SD Card Data

As reported earlier, Marcus recovered a necklace and a password protected SD card while following the clues from the Deacons Drop video to a courtyard at the Mission Inn. Intrepid investigators including onychea, lonelymom13, ladyofthelake, gemmas flatmate, Dream, and meepers_anonymous (sorry if I missed anyone) ... figured out that the necklace was a Celtic Cross, and the Deacons provided another clue (see "Watch This! comment 301) which Dream decoded (304) with chapter and verse references to the "book."

This cryptic clue remained unsolved as various editions of the Bible book of Revelations were explored by Dream for the SD password, but further brainstorming led to the Book of Enoch (as mentioned in past Deacons postings).

This quickly produced the password CELTICSYNAN, but then the 'waiting for Mr. Marcus' began. The significance of the name "SYNAN" is not clear yet, but Dream did find a Synan family coat-of-arms with the motto "Confido in Domino Et Non Moriemur" provided by Onychea (342) which translates to "I trust in the Lord and do not die."

After a busy weekend, Marcus returned to the lonelygirl15 world, and proved the password was correct. The SD card yielded, you guess it!, a coded message, which master decoder Perky quickly solved giving us this message:
The ceremony that OpAphid requires of the one is something that must be done willingly. She cannot be forced to perform their ceremony. The one is a force that OpAphid worships as her blood is special. With her blood chemistry Epogen makes her act pedomorphic and open to suggestion that could be the end.

Daniel is a target to break her spirit it is her weakness his very existence is in jeopardy.

We still feel the best option for them is to capture the cowboy. He has been observing them at their current residence. He is a key to begining the offensive.

The objective of this drop was a test. You were watched. If you alter this message in anyway you will suffer the consequences.

After you reveal this we will provide further instructions when we reach our next safe house. Good work. You have proved valuable and your assitance may be required in the future.

Have the Deacons driven Marcus too far? Will they ever come up with a code that takes Perky more than 5 minutes to decode? And what's important about SYNAN anyway? Are these Deacons canon or only good guessers about the plot? Only time, and more comments, will tell. So there you have it, Deacons fans, you are up to date!

~ QtheC


  1. When did you all get togather to do this?

    i want in next time =( but awesome job everyone on figuring that out

  2. hahaha very funny QtheC... all you need now is the TV announcer guy... "In a world where the Deacons leave clues..."


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