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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Miles Beckett (Creator) in Chat again?

Miles Beckett, who we assumed was the actual Miles the creator, was in chat again at around 7pm EST. He seemed a little different than the Miles we spoke to earlier, but it'd be hard to tell at this point.

./edit: when asked if he wanted a dog, he said he had too many...which leads me to think, he's not the real Miles. hmmm...

./edit: well, since 'the creators' have commented on this post, maybe it was the real Miles B. Nice touch ;) But since I still subscribe to the camp of "Trust No One", I'll leave it up to you guys to decide.

Here are a few things I gathered up:

"Cassie tells lies"

I believe he also said itscassie pisses him off, but the continuity of the chat was completely off at that moment.

After a while, he did explicitly say itsCassie is not canon.

When asked about Nikki B. he said 'no comment.'

He said there would be more characters to come soon, but they're not sure yet if these are the characters that will continue the story after Bree's story has been resolved.

Miles also mentioned they enjoy the comments and the ideas people throw out in comment and video form. He particularly asked what we think of Iris' videos.

When asked who else is canon, he answered that many are and we just have to wait and watch.

and of course, once again he said MEEP!!

I left after a while...so if anyone else was there and heard anything else that's interesting, please let me know or edit this entry.



  1. DEATH is working on additional material so hopefully it will be posted later 2nite!!!!!

  2. We have requested confirmation that the person in the chat room was actually Miles but to date we have not received a response.


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