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Monday, March 19, 2007

The Creators will soon make a statement about Glenn

In the concerns and complaints the Creators have posted:

We ask that you please do not discuss these issues or make claims about Glenn based on conjecture. Please respect us while we gather information and come to a decision. We will be posting a formal statement as soon as possible. I'm going to lock this thread. Thanks!"


  1. this is an odd post kinda, because the creators' older message got pulled entirely off thep phorum. if anyone else with relevant info hasn't come forward by NOW, i'd be shocked. i think we all can agree some closure is sorely needed.

    (QtheC: thanks for your comment on my blog, i replied there.)

  2. Well the comment is what the Creators said on the necro. Lets hope they wrap this up quickly and let us all know exactly what did happen and what did not happen. That is the only way that there will be closure.


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