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Monday, March 19, 2007

☺ Lonelypirates15!

Today the LG15 comments board was invaded by pirates! Led by Cap'n Hippo and spurred on by Watching One, the outbreak of pirating, plundering, and accessorizing spread, and was soon color-coordinated in matching kiddie pirate sweaters and hats. Arrrggggg indeed.

(Click image for a larger view of Lonelypirates15!)

And check out this picture of Sarahboo's ship!

If that's not enough to strike fear into the hearts of the Order, I don't know what is.

Wecome aboard new Lonelymateys!

It was a jolly day on the lonely seas today as *yohomeep* and *yarrrmeep* were heard, as we welcomed some really evil looking additions to the Lonelypirate15 crew! To celebrate the occasion, Bosun Poison Pete (Maddingo) wrote this sea chanty, and Kelly One-Hand (KalleKelly) led the rowdies in a the singing:
Upon the briney sea
With Danielbeast and Bree
We set sail, a mob of scalliwags
Aboard a hollowed tree

And when the winds blew strong
We boldly sang this song
A yo ho ho and a bottle o’ rum
To carry us along

A yo ho ho and a bottle o’ rum
To carry us along
So welcome, wecome me Lonelyhearties, and drink up! For there's fighting and pillaging to be done 'fore the next video is posted...

A Pirate Fleet!

Due to the success of this year's recruiting campaign (rum and wooden batons work everytime), it is my pleasure to announce that we have expanded Lonelypirate15 operations, to include three ships (and a hearty yohomeep! to Poison Pete for all the shipnames and nicknames):

New Hope, Lonelypirate Flagship
(This ship is the largest and fastest in the fleet, but never sails in a staight line for some *hic* reason, so it balances out.)

dumbhippo: Cap'n Hippo the Lionhearted (serves as Admiral for the fleet)

Maddingo: Poison Pete the Poet (acting Bosun and giver of nicknames)
Perky: Mad Dog Mary (helm)
Dream: Black Liza Tunny
WatchingOne: Lord Bart the Red
modelmotion: Genius Abernathy
S.A.R.A.H.: Pieces o’ Eight Sam
gemmas flatmate: Saz the Tongue
rosieiswatching: Dubloon Rose
vanjula: Sealegs Eliza

Barnacle the monkey (likes to steal rum)

Queen of Araby, Cursed Pirate Ghostship
(Due to mariner's curse, boarding the Araby is instant death by petrification to all males, so wenches may crew only, less they be parrots.)

Dutchess of Sassland: Shark Tooth Chrissy (1st wench of the pirates who say Meep)

Shayna327: Shayna the Jeweled
Kallekelly: Kelly One Hand
physphile: Bloody Jewels Jenkins
Aidan: Vancouver Abbey
insane_dancer: Lizzie Two-Step
st3phanie: Mad Esmerelda
OpNanny: Mamma Cutlass
AlliBean: Red Susie the Rake

Joe: Gypsy Joe the Parrot (1st mate, serves at cap'n when Crissy must leave ship)

Red Bonnet, Stolen Merchant Brig (see picture provided by Sarahboo)
(This ship may look cute, but might actually be the deadliest of the fleet, due to helplessness induced by Cap'n Brett's feather cutlasses ... those things tickle!)

Sarahboo: Brett the Tickler

purplepassion: Skull Rot Lynn
QtheC: Red Johnny Smythe (ships surgeon)
dreamcatcher: Mad Ivy Goodfellow
lonelymom13: Jolly Mary Truelove
Toad: Slippery Jake
Whosez: Cutthroat Sophie McPhearson
tiamina: Crow's Nest Nelly (lookout)
rikigirl: Gunwalls Jenny Banyan
Opladybug: Tattoo Sue

Blackitty the black kitty

(Crews are subject to change ships at random, pirates being sneaky like that, subject to any mariner's curses currently in effect.)

If anyone wants a job, just sing out on the comments below!

A Little Treat for the Pirates of LG15!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End video provided by Genius Abernathy (modelmotion)

MORE PIRATES = MORE FUN! There are never enough pirates, pirates being natural slackers and sneaking away all the time, so if you want to be known as a Lonelypirate15, just add a comment! (click Other if you are not logged into Blogger and want to enter your name...)

~ QtheC


  1. oh that is just brilliant!!!!!!!!!! Pieces of eight all around:)

  2. Sooooo awesome....
    Im sad i missed the pirate party...
    But i am definately a born slacker thats for sure.... i spent most of my day not working... and refreshing.... lol. gotta love it :)

  3. OpNanny would very much like her eye to be on the flag to be a lookout

  4. Kallekelly wants to be a pirate! Arr!

  5. I would like to be a pirate too please! Arrrrrrgggggggg!!!! :-P

  6. St3phanie would very much like to be a pirate

  7. ARRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  8. its sarahboo here,

    here is my pic!

    arrrrrrr gimme sum rum!!!


  9. I meeping loved the pirate name maddingo gave me. I'm Crow's Nest Nelly. I sit atop the ship and look out for land. :)

  10. Arrrrggggghhhh. Bosun One-Eyed Dingo reporting!

  11. Somebody needs to add the official piratey names to this post!

  12. Black Liza Tunny / DreamMarch 21, 2007 at 2:18 PM

    Where did all the rum go? *hic* It ssseems to be always gone....

    Rrrready for breaking and entering, Cap'n Hippo!



  13. Arr... that be my silly little head in the video up thar!

    I'm flattered :D

    *does happy dance* I'm on lg15today!! I'm on lg15today!! I'm on lg15today!!

    Yes, I'm also very mature :P

  14. Arr I would like to be a pirate...yah

  15. Arrrr mate...it is good to be back...

    Thanks Q!!!!!!!!!


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